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Mentees Speak

Comments from Abhay Mokashi's mentees

Vinay Sharma I am a Working journalist…

I am a Working journalist and I work as a reporter in Mumbai. I have been trained under Mr. Abhay Mokashi. After deciding not do a journalism course, I pursued my post graduation diploma in Communication for Development (C4D). This has allowed me to have a much broader approach when I try to understand issues around me and do my job as a journalist. Mr. Mokashi’s journalistic tales as investigative journalist, the stories he broke, fills one with enthusiasm and a zeal to work for the people and most importantly, being true to oneself. “If you want to be a disciple of truth, investigate,” that is what I have learned from Friedrich Nietzsche through his philosophies but Mr. Mokashi’s work as a journalist has shown me how it is done.

Aayushi Gaur Learning for life

I have recently completed my post-graduation (Diploma) in Journalism & Mass Communication from Xavier Insititute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai. Although Mokashi Sir (as we called him) taught us the Editing Module, his teachings were essential in developing a holistic view of the profession we were choosing. Under the guidance of Mokashi Sir, you get unique exposure to the world of Media. His classes are as dynamic as his personality. You won't find his classes boring. One moment, he will make you laugh and the next, he would dive deep into the discussions about the challenges of Journalism. I like how he encourages everyone to participate. And if you're an XIC student reading this, you might reminisce about the excitement during our newsroom sessions. He is scrupulous, and I still get nervous as I type this, wondering he might spot an error 😛 But listening about his experiences always count as a learning opportunity, for even in those insightful conversations, you realize how newsrooms functioned in the past and how we are always surrounded by a story, if only one wishes to remain watchful. A firm believer in the power of human interest stories, his lessons would allow you to transcend beyond your comfort zone, the usual rule book of Journalism and the noise of sensational headlines, and begin a quest for stories that matter.

unni My mentor my friend

Abhay is my mentor. I reported to him in Mid-Day. I didn't have any journalism background but he hired me, taught me the basics and moulded me into a journalist. It was not easy to work under him as he was very demanding and never tolerated excuses. It was still fun to work with him as every assignment he gave was a learning experience. He would suggest ways to improve upon your approach to a story, on the copy with sharp and short intros. His network was wide and I have had the opportunity to accompany him during some of these meetings. Observing how he interacted with his sources/officials helped me tremendously in the learning process. He treated his sources with respect. He also taught us journalism ethics, a key factor in shaping your thoughts and approach to work. He is also a great friend. I can go on and on-….. Abhay, all the very best Unni

Amrita karekar My influencer

You have influenced us in many ways. You have always guided us perfectly in all the aspects of the life. Whenever we had any doubts, you used to give us your precious time & help us in our success & now too you do for us enormously. I'm indebted to you. In lectures, you always created positive & pleasing atmosphere which made our studies a lot more engrossing! 🙂 We are so blessed to have a preacher like you! 🙏🏻

mrinalpathak21 I completed my postgraduate.....

I recently completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. The most valuable teachings I learnt from is Mr. Abhay Mokashi. He taught me that listening is a key to building good communications. He taught me to priortise ethics over money. A teacher and a journalist should always be open to questions, anshe is a true example of that.

Jayprakash Best motivator and my guru

I am Jayprakash S Naidu, a freelance reporter in Mumbai and have worked for nearly 10 years as a crime reporter for three broadsheets in Mumbai. I was a student of Abhay sir in M.D. college back in 2010. I have not kept in touch with any of my college teachers except for Abhay sir. This shows the impact sir has on his students. He is strict, disciplined and at the same time inspiring and motivating. You are lucky if you get to learn journalism from Abhay sir but more importantly you will get a lifetime friend who will always be there to motivate you. I consider myself lucky and have always seen Abhay sir as the strongest motivator.

sutapa sapkale माझे गुरू! माझे दिशादर्शक!

माझे गुरू! माझे दिशादर्शक! अभय मोकाशी सर. सर त्यांच्या नावा नुसारच आहेत. ज्यांना कशाचीच भीती नाही असे. सर मला झेवियर्स मध्ये भेटलेत. पहिल्याच भेटीत आणि पहिल्याच संवादात त्यांनी मला आणि माझ्या मित्रांना सुद्धा समजून घेतले. आमचे काय प्रॉब्लेम आहेत ते सहज पणे समजून घेतले. मुळात आम्हालाच आमचे प्रॉब्लेम कळत नव्हते. पण त्यांनी आमच्याशी केलेल्या संवादात आम्हाला आमचे प्रॉब्लेम समजावू सांगितल्यात. सरांनी नेहमीच मला खूप Encourage केलं. त्यांचे Observation खूप तीक्ष्ण आहे. त्यांना कामात कोणताही हलगर्जीपणा चालत नाही. त्यांनी पत्रकारितेत आम्हला A पासून ते Z पर्यंत शिकवले. त्यांना आमच्यासाठी वेगळे session नव्हते तरी सुद्धा त्यांनी आम्हाला कॅन्टीन मध्ये बसवून शिकवायचे. त्यांना एक क्षण सुद्धा वाया घालवायचा नसतो. सतत त्यांना कामात राहायला आवडते. आणि तोच गुण मी त्यांचा माझ्यात सुद्धा आणायचा प्रयत्न करते. ते प्रत्येक गोष्ट खूप विचार करूनच बोलतात आणि शिकवतात. माझ्या आयुष्यातील सर्वांत सुंदर आणि मनाने खूप पाक, प्रामाणिक, आणि सतत दुसऱ्यांसाठी काही तरी करणारे म्हणजे सर मला भेटलेले एक सगळ्यात सुंदर भेट आहेत. सरांची नेहमीच प्रामाणिक इच्छा असते की त्यांच्या कडून खूप चांगले चांगले कार्य घडावे. आणि तेच ते त्यांच्या विद्यार्थ्यांकडून सुद्धा अपेक्षा करतात. सरांनी आजपर्यंत माझ्यासाठी भरपूर केले आहे. मला हवे तेव्हा त्यांचे मार्गदर्शन नेहमी केले त्यांनी. त्यांनी सतत त्यांच्या ज्ञानाचे दरवाजे कायम सर्वांसाठी उघडून ठेवलेत. सर्वात महत्त्वाचे सर इतके हुशार असून सुद्धा, त्यांचा स्वभाव हा खूप मृदू आणि सर्वांनाच समजून घेण्याचा आहे. मला सुद्धा सरांच्या इतके थोडे तरी बनता आले तर मी स्वतःला धन्य समजेल. सर तुमचे आभार कसे म्हणायचे तेच कळत नाही. धन्यवाद हा शब्द खूप छोटा आहे. तुम्ही दिलेले ज्ञान अनमोल आहे माझ्यासाठी. तुम्ही सुद्धा खूप अनमोल आहात माझ्यासाठी. Thank You So Much Sir मी आयुष्यभर तुमची ऋणी राहील.

Sherry Thank you for being my guru

I came to the city of with a lot of mixed emotions - little bit anxiety, little bit fear but a lot of excitement. Excitement is still there but what vanished was fear and anxiety - all thanks to Mr Abhay Mokashi Sir. I got admission in a college where Abhay sir was the Director and I couldn't have asked for more. His step by step guidance has helped me (and many more like me) achieve their dreams and gain success in their careers. Sir helped me come out of my shell and walk confidently in this big city. Whatever I have learnt from Abhay sir is so perfectly embedded in me. Everyone has a guru to lead and I am blessed to have Abhay sir as my Guru. Thank you for everything, Sir. Sherry S Varma

Kinjal desai A guru , A father figure

I don't have words to express my gratitude! I am Kinjal Shah Desai and have worked as a journalist for close to 13 years. I jumped the fence three years ago and started working as a Communications Coordinator with CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Right from the time I stepped out of my post-graduation, I have been in touch with sir. It is beyond the classroom learnings, that continue to be a part of my life. Strict, punctual, specific but oh-so-always inspiring and motivating, is how I know and remember Abhay sir. A great principal and a fantastic teacher for all. For me, he is also a father figure I look up to when it comes to fighting life's many battles - professional and personal. As I said earlier, my words are less to express my gratitude for the immense teaching Abhay sir continues to shower on me and life's many lessons he teaches me to handle professional and personal lives, with ease. I wish we had a cloning machine!!!!! If you get hands-on training from Abhay sir, you better note one thing in life, there is never a day of disappointment. I am not thanking you Sir, as I haven't and will never, stop learning from you. My biggest achievement has been of having you as my mentor, guru, first boss...list is endless!

Manisha shrivastva Learning for life

I am blessed and fortunate to have studied under Mokashi Sir at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in the late 90s. It was a point of inflection in my life as I was working with IndiaWorld, an online portal catering mainly to NRIs. While my job mainly involved editing, collating and curating content across diverse subjects, it was studying under Mokashi Sir that I garnered enough courage to commence writing my own articles. Over the years, I have contributed to Times Personal (personal finance articles), drafted several corporate communication documents, investor communication literature applying the same principle – intensive research and ask the right questions. The core invaluable lessons that I have learned from him include the importance of integrity and honesty, that there are no short-cuts in life and if you stand for what you believe nothing can stop you. His fearless approach and meticulous methodology were intriguing, yet his grounded personality was so endearing that he remains an ideal teacher & mentor for me. Probably I have not had the opportunity to say this before to him, but he has been a source of tremendous inspiration. It was not just journalism or writing but the opportunity to have imbibed lessons for life that I really treasure. I would love to sit in those classes once again. Thank you, Sir.

Vaibhav Agrawal Not just a Guru, a mirror as well

I am currently pursuing BAMMC course in Mumbai and want to become a significant Journalist in near future. Abhay sir has always been a Guru, a guiding light who has always showed me the Mirror!. Today, I am working as an intern with reputed national and private organizations in the field of Journalism and his words of enlightenment are the key to it. He has made me realise that Journalism is not just a profession but a way of life and how Listening and having a steady mind is the key to everything. I am always a student to him and shall be forever. The more I learn from him, I learn that there is a lot more to learn!

Neha Gupta A Silver linning

I pursued broadcast journalism in the year 2014 and that's when I met Abhay Sir in XIC, Mumbai. He had a remarkable impact on me. I remember how eagerly I use to wait for his classes. He shared some amazing stories of his journalism days and the challenges that were there back then. I learnt a lot from him and I can't thank him enough. You carry a lot of moral and social responsibilities when you decide to become a journalist, that's what makes you a true journalist. I see all good traits of a true journalist in Abhay sir and I admire him to the core. I wish each one you All the very best! Regards, Neha Gupta

DeeNRD My Guru

Post my Graduation, like many; i was confused whether do go in for an MBA or any professional course like Advertising. I remember my first meeting with Abhay Sir at HMFIJMC. It was just a day before the admission last date. I was expecting the usual Q&A turned out to be the most memorable meeting of my life. By the end of the session, which by the way lasted almost an hour, I was totally convinced the direction I wanted to progress in. That day I truly met My Guru. The year at the institute changed my outlook towards my life and I found a new, confident me emerging! Abhay sir has this beautiful quality of looking through you and showing you the mirror! His values, teachings continue to inspire me and I am sure all his students too. Abhay Sir, thank you for being my Guru. May you always be our guiding light.

Kunal Maheshwari Blessed to have a Guru like Abhay Mokshi Sir

I am out of words to express my gratitude to Abhay Sir for all the things I have learnt from him and by observing him while I was working with him. A strict disciplined Guru who is a gold mine of knowledge and a treasure of real-life experiences that he shares with students. He is a fearless ethical person for whom honesty and integrity are the top priority. It is from him I have learnt “There is no shortcut to success.” “If you got to achieve something you have to get out of your comfort zone and strive for it” or get off your armchair and work for it as he likes to call it. I know I will never stop learning from you. “Thank You” is a small word not enough to summarize the values and the teaching that you have imbibed in my life and many others like me.

Ravi Tiwari Abhay Sir is my Guru and my Role-model

I have been among the fortunate ones to start my academic and professional journey in journalism under the watchful eyes of Abhay Mokashi. Abhay Sir has inspired at least two generations of journalists with his brand of journalism- honest, objective, accurate, fearless and investigative. Hundreds of journalists have grown under the mentorship of Abhay sir and I am sure there are many many more waiting in the wings. मैं TV पत्रकारिता में लोगो में अपनी पहचान बना पाया तो अभय सर की उस शिक्षा की वजह से जो बेहतर समाज के लिए अपने मूल्यों से कभी समझौता नही करते है । आज भी अभय सर मेरे आदर्श और गुरु बनकर मार्गदर्शन करते रहते है।

Manasa S. Murthy A Perfectionist

While pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Xavier Institute of Communications, I had the pleasure of interacting with and being tutored by Abhay sir. He was so enthusiastic about teaching and every conversation with him leaves you having learnt something new. He has personally helped me hone my critical thinking skills. He strives for perfection in the work assigned and constantly encourages students to go the extra mile. Tutelage under him will make each student a better thinker, journalist and human.

Shivika manchanda His anecdotes,my rule book for journalism

XIC blessed me with the grace of a Guru. To have been trained by him and to continue to being mentored under his brilliant guidance is no less than an honour. He is the one who gave me a taste of on field reporting, kindled my love for telling stories that make a difference and helped me in my personal and professional growth. From his vast experience, I heard a few of a million stories that he has contributed to the world of journalism, each experience he shared with me was of immense learning. From the celebration of dignity of labour to advocating equal rights for women, from breaking stories that were responsible for falling of governments to those which built lives of people, from being the finest example of self-reliance to being the most dependable person, sir has had a deep impact of the kind of person I am and the one I wish to become. As a mentor, he is the biggest critic- which strives me to be better at my work and the strongest support system- which makes me more confident about myself. Thank you, sir!

Tanya awasthy A living institution of journalism

During my academic year at Xavier Institute of Communications, I was constantly working under abhay mokashi sir (he writes his name in full lower case), and my first impression of him was that he was a very knowledgeable, very seasoned journalist who was, at times, too strict and too blunt for a student as sensitive as me. He would constantly point out my shortcomings without mincing words. It was only after a couple of months of knowing him and growing under his tutelage that I realised it was simply his passion and love for journalism that made him intolerant of mediocrity in his students. While all teachers give you grades, abhay sir also gives you extremely valuable feedback about what/where you lack. And it's your harshest critic that makes you grow the most! If you are lucky enough to be taught by mokashi sir, you have got yourself a mentor for life. Moreover, it's very gratifying when seniors in the fraternity look at you with awe and respect on learning that you were trained by abhay mokashi! I still go to him for advice and will always do.

Geeta A Perfect mentor

Abhay Mokashi sir is a true perfect mentor. He had taught me Journalism during my BMM course. A meticulous professor who used to guide each and every student with journalistic principles, breaking news and the ethics that one needs to follow while covering a story. After a gap of more than a decade, I managed to get in touch with him, he is still the same. Not changed much and gives useful suggestions and guidance through his experience at every moment when you interact with him. Thank you sir so much for all your support and guidance.

shatakshi saxena A mentor and guide

I will always fall short of words to express my gratitude for Abhay sir and am truly blessed to be his student. I had the privelege of attending his editing classes during my time at Xavier Institute of Communications and every single session was a great learning experience. My interactions with sir were not limited to the in-class sessions as I always wanted to learn so much more from him. He was always more than enthusiastic to help and discuss the long list of questions I had 🙂 Abhay sir is the strongest pillar of support and no matter what the problem, he will have the best solution to it. His insights on ethics, ideologies, reporting, editing and journalistic values are a complete treasure and I feel blessed to have learnt something from him. Every conversation with him teaches me so much about life and I shall cherish all of it forever. Thank you so much sir for guiding me always 🙂

Pragati Khabiya A teacher that nurtured us than teaching mere concepts

Abhay sir has been my course head of Communications for Development, batch of 2015-16 at XIC. The modules taught by him were Art and Craft of C4D, Strategy Design, Writing tools and techniques and Research. These were made interesting by the innovative techniques he used while teaching as he took us on various field trips to gain practical knowledge than mere learning in a class room set up. As a veteran journalist, he would often quote examples from his own personal experience that helped us widen our perspectives on the subject taught. Personally, all the classes with him felt like a safe and a healthy space, where we could express ourselves freely. I have always found him to be sensitive and empathetic towards all his students. As most of us were out station students, he has played the role of a parent and a friend too. Many times, as we would miss eating home cooked meals, he would cook extra food for us and share his tiffin. We could reach out to him even after the class room hours as well. To have an opportunity to learn from Abhay sir is an experience that I have treasured. An experience that teaches you to be a better human being. An experience that focused on holistic learning of every student. Even today, after having completed the course, he still continues to be our friend, teacher and mentor

Naitri Patel Student

I'm an enthusiastic learner and I have been throughout my life. I don't think any person has looked through my enthusiasm and pushed me to my dimensions at it's best other than Mr. Mokashi. We have alot to do ahead together.

Server@0707 Mokashi sir taught me Journalism is a way of life

It was in the year 2002 when Mokashi Sir gave me formal lectures on Journalism. I gradually developed keen interest in the subject which later got culminated into a profession when i joined The Asian Age as Infrastructure Correspondent. It was a whole new set of successful experience based on the learnings from Mokashi Sir. It has been 18 years since then. During the course of this long period of time i have served many prestigious media publications like The Indian Express, Infomedia 18 Ltd and Hindustan Times handling many beats. Today as Bureau Head of one of the leading health and pharma news paper-, I believe that what actually kept me improving further was Mokashi Sir's teaching that we should keep our eyes and ears open and imbibe Journalism as a way of life. Regards Shardul Nautiyal Bureau Chief Chronicle Pharmabiz Saffron Media Private Limited Flat No. 7, 2nd Floor, 82, Nagin Mahal, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020 Tel: (022) 2204 0015 / 16 / 17 Fax: (022) 2204 0038 Mobile- 08898939409

Sheetal A friend for life time

I was a student of Mass Communications and Journalism at Xavier Institute of Communications. Abhay sir was my research mentor. I felt lost for the first few months of the course due to my shift in the stream; earlier I was a science student and then I jumped into arts. When I found myself in deep waters, I sought help from sir and he has been my guiding light ever since. He goes to a great extent to help any student come out of a problem. He helps people around him to find a solution to the problems on their own. He would narrate impactful stories from his own life to his students with sincerity and passion. He is also a skilled cook who would delight his students during lunch breaks with his tiffin. There is honesty and a good heart involved even in the most trivial things he does. Having mentioned about his admirable nature and an inspiring figure, his mischievousness during lectures would always keep the research group interested midst his lectures. He is definitely a man of value who understands each of students for their individuality. I, have come out as a wood chiseled out for a better future ahead of me under his umbrella. I look upto him for more than one reason but most importantly for his versitality in various subjects and walks of life. He has inculcated perseverance in me. If anything I am grateful for his presence as a mentor in my life.

Sharon Lawis Mokashi Sir is a Defining Standard of Journalism

Everytime I am doubtful of the journalistic quality of an article I'm working on, I try to see it through the lens of some of my finest teachers, and Mokashi sir has unfailingly come to mind each time. From being in the newsroom with him as our Editor-in-Chief for a post-grad project, to his constant charge that we be courageous in what we write, he has set the bar for the highest quality of journalism that does not bend. The most valuable takeaway from my time with him is this–there is a story in every corner, but you must learn to look as journalists. And he didn't tell us this from a PowerPoint, but chose to live the example in his typical high-energy demeanour, either through his anecdotes, or even better, on the field.

Dyuti Khulbe Abhai sir- of epitome of courage

I completed Post Graduate Diploma in Communication for Development under the guidance of Abhay sir. His life lessons, teachings and passion to help those in need inspired me and shaped the course of my life. I worked as a reporter for almost a year in the valley of conflict- Kashmir. And I am currently working with India Today in Delhi. It was under his mentorship and because of his blessings that I learnt the importance of being a medium for those who are forced to stay silent. His lessons aren't just limited to the media classroom, but are also insights on life and a reflection on who we are, what we seek and why do we seek. Thank you Abhay sir for your efforts, supervision and blessings. Will always remain greatful!

Anshita Jindal Friend/Critic/Mentor,Difficult to Categorise

While I was studying Communication for Development at Xavier Institute of Communications, Abhay Sir was my course head and the only person I thought could understand my inclination towards animal rights (even though he disagreed with me in most of our conversations). Like a supportive mentor and a true friend, he put his point across and always gave me honest feedback on everything - whether I liked it or not. And for that I admire him, and for his compassion towards all people regardless of what their story is. After spending decades being a journalist and a teacher, he is every ready to share stories from ages ago and remains enthusiastic about his work, and that is truly inspiring. He expects his students to be virtuous and delivers the same in his lectures, and that reflects when they graduate and enter the industry as responsible media professionals. To him, his students are almost like family, they share food and have healthy arguments/discussions. And so with him, everybody feels belonged and at home, especially those who relocate from other parts of the country. Since I have always been sensitive to social unjust and discrimination, sir has helped me feel less distressed by the ongoing events and encouraged me to keep a rational approach in addressing issues that concern me. I will always carry his teachings with me, and am enterally grateful for having had him as my mentor during the formative years of life/career.

Vini Sharma Hands down, the best mentor

I recently completed my post graduate diploma in journalism and mass communication from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. Mr. Mokashi headed the news editing module and later conducted the newsroom session. I still remember crawling to the first seat when Sir started briefing about the journalism industry. Mr. Mokashi is definitely a storehouse of knowledge and there is so much to learn from him and his courageous experiences. I learnt some major lessons of journalism from this brilliant personality which will stay with me throughout. I am glad that I got a chance to learn from him and I look forward to explore my interests more under his guidance.

sophianne job Abhay Sir : A person with strong perspective

I consider myself as a fortunate student to be trained under Abhay sir. I completed my Post Graduation Diploma in Communication For Development (C4D). Trained under this versatile journalist and knowledgable professor not only widened my perspective about sensitive public issues but also enhanced my knowledge of how to accepting others' perceptive as well. While working for the public, it is very important to listen, observe and pay attention to the minute details. I learnt this while talking to him, understanding his words of wisdom and sitting through his interesting classes. In conclusion, summing up my understanding about Abhay Sir - It is rightly said - Spending 10 minutes with a knowledgeable individual is equal to reading a book.

Veera Jain Abhay Sir taught me to never let go to the urge of 'questioning'

I am glad I did a journalism course as it has changed my perspectives in various ways. But what makes me feel lucky is that I got to complete this course under the guidance of Mr. Abhay Mokashi Sir. He made sure that I learnt not only what was required to write but to notice the unsaid. He has strong observant skills and gives answers that can’t be forgotten. He planted some questions in my mind when I was learning and understanding journalism, which will always strike me when I look at any investigative or political story. I will always be grateful to him for his amazing teachings, anecdote examples of situations and wise replies to the questions asked. A good teacher can teach you how to be good at something which you pursue, but sir taught me to be a good human being as the power of kindness towards another being can lead to being a trustworthy person and hence, an honest journalist.

Arushi Jain Thank you for lessons of lifetime

I recently completed my PGD in Journalism & Mass Communications from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai and had the privilege of learning the nuances of journalism under Sir's guidance. His anecdotal lectures were my favourite. The way he explains each detail of a story with such enthusiasm and excitement is so inspiring. Also, his anecdotes will never let you leave the classroom without giving gossebumps. The most inspiring quality is sir's attention to detail. In a room full of even hundred people, he would easily spot the 'un-spotable'. Even a two-minute conversation with him gives you a lot to ponder over and a lot to learn from. Even today, whenever I have a doubt or a confusion, he is just a Whatsapp text away! I feel honoured to have been mentored by Mr. Abhay Mokashi and shall continue to seek his blessings.

Meenakshi Nautiyal Guiding Light - Forever

It’s 15 years now since Mokashi Sir is an integral part of my life. Some people leave deep impression and impact in your life even without constant and continuous interaction- he’s such a force. Mokashi Sir gave us a workshop on Creative Writing during my Mass Media Graduation program. After that, he gave a couple more sessions to us and our juniors. I’d always make it a point to get hold of him and discuss on different topics - he was sweet and patient, most importantly a guide - that he didn’t have to be. He’s one of the rare people I know who’d make sure to keep in touch and give you proper guidance - be it about life, career, or anything under the sun you would want to talk to him. All these years, it still hasn’t changed and I really wish I had (or get) more opportunity to be around him and grow to be even half of what he is. Remarkable teacher, mentor, guide, philosopher, and most importantly a genuine human being. Blessed to have him as my Teacher.

Paridhi Bhanot Abhay sir is an earnest professor who excels his craft.

I passed out of Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) this year (2020), where I pursued the Journalism and Mass Communication course and currently work with NewsX in the capacity of an assistant producer. I was privileged to have Abhay sir as my professor, who taught not only what was written in books but also from anecdotes and experiences that he had had as a lifelong journalist. This unique approach enriched all his classes and helped me understand what it truly meant to be a journalist. Other than editing (the module that he took in an official capacity at XIC), Abhay sir made it a point to take the learning outside the four walls of the classroom. It had been my dream to look for stories as an on-ground reporter and be part of a real newsroom-both of which were only possible because of him. He not only guided me in the art of field reporting (which was not part of the course but sir generously spared an entire day and accompanied me and two other classmates on the field and trained us to look for stories and develop a news sense), but also taught me how to write stories that made a difference. A true mentor and exceptionally skilled at his craft, sir teaches journalism with an unparalleled passion and with the sole intention of churning out trained, competent and ethical journalists. I have learnt many a professional skills under his guidance, but most of all have come to understand the duty and responsibility with which I must conduct myself as a journalist each day. It has been a true honour to be Abhay sir’s student.

Felita Viegas A teacher in the classroom, a guide for life

Abhay Sir was the course head for Communications for Development in XIC Mumbai of which I was a student in 2016-17. He taught us with passion and vigour and through his work gave us an understanding of how essential it is to keep your humanity intact while being in a field like journalism. The classroom discussions he led were engaging and thought provoking and he made our learning go beyond the classroom He was soft and patient with us when we made errors but also straight forward in his approach. Personally, he is like a mentor, a friend and somebody I admire, for not only the work he does but the human he is and the passion that he has for social issues, journalism and teaching.

SimitBhagat A mentor for life

I met Abhay Sir for the first time as a young graduate, way back in 2005. He was the director of the journalism institute I wanted to study in. I was also keen to take up a course in photography. But I did not have a SLR camera back then. I wondered if I would be able to learn photography with a modest point and shoot camera. His instant reply was "The camera is not important. The person behind the camera is." His words have stayed with me, ever since. Abhay Sir has been a mentor for me all along. Today, I can easily say that pursuing journalism and photography course at his institute was one of the best decisions of my life. In the last 15 years, I have worked with some of the largest media and development organisations such as The Times of India, Tata Trusts, Thomson Reuters Foundation among others. Today, I run an independent production house - Simit Bhagat Studios - and work as a documentary filmmaker. I am very grateful to the guidance and motivation that Abhay Sir has given me in all these years. I'm sure he will continue to guide young minds and play a crucial role in shaping their future.

Chitra S Mr Mokashi, for whom ,I learnt the best lessons in journalism

I still remember meeting Mr Mokashi at the Midday's office. Though it was a brief meeting, of about fifteen minutes, I learnt the best lesson of journalism, 'to be clear in one's thoughts', from him. Later as Mr Mokashi's student of journalism at Bhavan's college, I found him emphasising on the importance of displaying highly level of integrity, honesty, courage and curiousity, as a journalist. While a lot of his students have made a name for themselves, during one of our classes, over 23 years ago, he had zeroed in on one student, saying this student will be going places and will definitely make a name for himself as a journalist. Indeed, that student has turned out to be the most successful journalist from our batch. Mr Mokashi has the ability to identify talent and nurture them into responsible journalists with excellent communication skills.

Aishwarya Shukla Abhay Mokshi - Man of conviction, Scholarships and ethics

Mr Abhay Mokashi is a man of conviction, scholarship and ethics. I had the privilege of studying under him at Xavier Institute of Communications (2018-19). He is a tough teacher and a great mentor; a harsh critic who enhances your writing experience. There is always something to learn from his experiences and insights. Though he taught editing to my batch but he always helped me in my reporting assignments. I enjoyed his scholastic sessions which were made rich by his anecdotes. He is fearless, principled, witty and sensitive. We don't see such traits in journalists anymore.

Janvika Bhatt Ethical journalism is Abhay Sir's DNA

Journalism is a fascinating field for me since childhood. My dream came true in 2002 -2003 when I joined course on journalism from a prestigious institute. In democracy journalism plays very important and critical role. It is the voice for the voiceless. I always think I was lucky as I was mentored by Mr. Abhay Mokashi. I found Mr. Mokashi as a man of principles in this field as he isn’t biased or prejudiced. He believes that journalism is mirror of the society.Truth, honesty, accuracy, independence, courage and fairness reflect his values. He won’t compromise his ethics even at the sake of his employment. He believes that news should be authenticated without manipulation. I thank Abhay Sir for mentoring and the immense guidance bestowed upon me. I wish him good luck for his future endeavours.

Nilofar Sheikh Abhay Miokashi Sir is a wonderful teacher, leader and friend.

Abhay Mokashi sir is a wonderful teacher, leader and friend. I believe very few people can teach you ethical journalism like sir. Once you find sir you will have a teacher for lifetime. Even today when i have a doubt regarding anything i know i can reach out to sir and he will help me. He will yell at you and encourage you even more. He helped me achieve impossible. It is wonderful to see how selfless he is towards his work. I have not seen a dedicated person as sir. I will always be grateful for his support and kindness.

Gauri Surti Abhay sir ,thank you!

I completed my Post Graduation from Xavier Institute Of Communications and I would like to tell that right from my admission till my graduation, Abhay Sir has inspired me to become a better and a kind person. He is a passionate teacher who wants to share all his experiences and knowledge with his students. We got the opportunity to get real-time experiences from our field visits and other exciting course modules. Abhay Sir made me realize how important it is to be empathetic towards each and everyone around us. He definitely played a major role in shaping my career and my life, and I will be forever grateful for that! Abhay Sir, thank you for always caring, supporting and motivating us! Stay as progressive as you are!

vic sawant Abhay Mokashi - A Mentor, A Friend, A Guru

I first met Abhay at Midday. Think the year was 89-90. I was a rookie reporter and he was my chief. I didn't really like him at first. Being a journalist for him was a sacred job - a mission. There was no room for half-truths and personal agendas. He demanded facts backed by solid research. He was a legend even before I met him. Had the credit of bringing down one state govt and almost a second one. Ethical and honest to the core. His home then used to resemble that of a raddhiwalla, with piles of news papers stacked all over. This was his personal reference library. These were days before the Internet or Google. The rolodex was implanted in his head. He could just shoot phone nos. Again no smartphones then. He didn't think twice before waking you up at 2 am and dispatching you off to report on a story for a 7 am edition. No mercy. But years later these very instances became stories for me to brag about. My favourite was accompanying Abhay to meet Advaniji in Kalyan.The Rathyatra had made a stopover. He asked all the questions. Almost all. Then he made me ask. I barely managed a couple of questions. It was his story really. Imagine my surprise when the front page story had me sharing the byline with Abhay. That is Abhay. Always on the right side of ethics and morality. He led by example and nutured young talent with the zeal of a crusader. I would fondly call him Chhatrapati - it was his beard 🙂 I believe anyone who gets to learn journalism from Abhay Mokashi is blessed. Never will you find a teacher so invested in his students and the cause of journalism. A mentor, a friend, a guru. That's Abhay Mokashi. - Vikram

Sapana Patil Learn ethical and unbiased reporting from a reputed journalist

I learnt the aspects of reporting from Abhay sir more than a decade ago, but all his teachings are still fresh in my mind. That's how impactful interacting with him is. He used to share his real-life experiences to throw light on the practicality and unpredictability involved in the task of reporting. That helped me a lot in my job later at ToI and DNA. Abhay sir's experiences added value to his theory class. He used to teach with such enthusiasm that we used to forget about the class exceeding the time limit. Abhay sir's guidance is much needed in today's times when ethical and unbiased reporting are becoming a rare occurrence.

mamta37 An Amazing teacher

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Abhay Mokashi for many years now. He is one of the few journalists I have known in my entire career who has and continues to uphold the values of old school journalism. He also believes in instilling those qualities in his students as well. One should never let go of an opportunity to learn under him. He is the best of the best. Mamta Chitnis Sen Artist and writer

Archisha.das An inspiration to all!

I had the privilege of being a student of Abhay Sir while pursuing my PGD in Communication for Development (C4D) at Xavier Institute of Communications (2017-18). He guided us at every point by giving us examples of his on-ground work and kept motivating us to achieve greater heights. It was from him that I learnt the importance of the discipline of work, the importance of being punctual and a huge commitment towards the cause you work for. I currently work in the communications department of Educate Girls, a non-profit organisation, and am able to apply the communication methods learnt under his guidance. Mumbai was a new city for many students at XIC, and he made sure to make us feel at home whether it was through his anecdotes or his food! I'm glad that to have met him and learn from him. Thank you, sir!

Amrut Nishar My Role Model is journalism

I was underqualified to study Journalism, but it was Abhay Sir, who saw the journalist in me and accepted me into his batch at Harkisan Mehta Foundation. His discipline, time management, perfection and an honest approach to journalism are few of the countless skills he has. Today, i am the editor of my own regional gujarati magazine running successfully for the past 17 years. It was only possible because of Abhay Sir's blessings. He is not only a good teacher ,a journalist and a mentor but a great human being. To learn everything from him will take years. Anybody who wants to serve the society through the power of the pen and press must learn from him. In this current time where media is at the centre of everything, learning from Abhay Sir will take you very far in your life.

Anushka Anilkumar Abhay Sir - My Mentor for Life

Eternally grateful to him for all the lessons he taught!! I was his student at XIC; he is someone who helped me discover the writer in me. The most exciting part about his class would be the anecdotes he shared with us. The knowledge you gain from him is way beyond what the textbooks will tell you. He ensures one gets a hands-on experience of how a newsroom functions, on-field reporting, writing different styles of articles, etc. before stepping into the industry. Want to learn journalism, no better mentor than him!

Rahul Chandawarkar Abhay Mokashi, my news reporting Guru!

I was blessed to work with Abhay in the Pune edition of the Midday newspaper between the years, 1997-99. In those two, short years, I was privileged to learn the basics of news reporting from arguably the finest investigative journalist this country has produced. Abhay Mokashi take a bow or stroke your beard. Both will be decent enough acknowledgements of your quiet acceptance of this very true fact. Abhay guided and encouraged me to do countless news stories for the Midday newspaper, one of the finest, most hard hitting tabloids there was. Possibly, the most satisfying of these was the expose on the Indian Railways and their inability to effectively run a certain brand of electric locomotives in the Pune-Mumbai railway sector in the late 1990s. Abhay's news reporting training held me in good stead in later years too. A series of investigative environmental stories that I did on the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar eco sensitive zone won me the prestigious, Ramnath Goenka award for excellence in journalism in the year 2009. Hence, if you want to become a good journalist, join the Aamras course with Abhay with your eyes closed. God bless you Abhay. Rahul Chandawarkar Former newspaper editor and presently, Communication strategist, Ironman Triathlete and YouTuber based in Goa Check out my "feni for the soul" youtube channel, @writerrahul ( Insta handle) and rchandawarkar on Twitter.