Certificate Course in Child Rights

Topics for discussion in the Child Rights Course

  1. Introduction to Child Rights and Laws Regarding Children

This session will give a brief history of Child Rights as outlined in Child Rights Convention. It will throw light on how to report issues affecting and involving children.

  1. Situation of Children in India

General understanding of the situation of children in India, welfare programmes for children by the Union Government and State Governments, statistical data.

  1. Children, Nourishment and Nutrition

The session would discuss children’s health, nutrition and nourishment of children and mid-day meal schemes.

  1. Violence Against Children, Children in Violence and Crime, Juvenile Justice System

Types of violence against children and the involvement of children in violence and crime would be discussed in this module. The session will also throw light on the Juvenile Justice System.

  1. Campaigns to Highlight Children’s Issues

Various concepts would be discussed to take children’s issues to the masses, through campaigns.

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