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Abhay Mokashi’s Academy for Mass Media Research and Studies LLP (AAMRAS), which was launched in 2006 as Academy for Media Research and Studies, is dedicated to giving professional training in various aspects of mass communication.

AAMRAS is not merely an acronym, aamras means mango juice. It is the juice of mango, the king of fruits, people use stones and sticks to pluck mangoes from somebody else’s farm. Yet the mango does not give up its quality of being sweet. Often those who fight for justice or strive to bring about a positive social change, are subjected to harsh treatment by some members of the society, yet they continue to walk their path. We train our students to face such situations and continue their good work, whether as journalists or as instruments of social change, by overcoming the challenges.

Aamras offers specialised courses in Journalism, Communication for Development and several social issues, which are often neglected by mainstream media.

All courses would be online, with video sessions and plenty of hands-on training.


To give quality training in communication, making the learners sensitive to social issues


To see use of communication as a tool to end hatred, ensure social justice and promote inclusive development.


To train individual to use communication to give voice to the voiceless

Mentees Speak

Comments from Abhay Mokashi's mentees

Vinay Sharma I am a Working journalist…

I am a Working journalist and I work as a reporter in Mumbai. I have been trained under Mr. Abhay Mokashi. After deciding not do a journalism course, I pursued my post graduation diploma in Communication for Development (C4D). This has allowed me to have a much broader approach when I try to understand issues around me and do my job as a journalist. Mr. Mokashi’s journalistic tales as investigative journalist, the stories he broke, fills one with enthusiasm and a zeal to work for the people and most importantly, being true to oneself. “If you want to be a disciple of truth, investigate,” that is what I have learned from Friedrich Nietzsche through his philosophies but Mr. Mokashi’s work as a journalist has shown me how it is done.

Rahul Chandawarkar Abhay Mokashi, my news reporting Guru!

I was blessed to work with Abhay in the Pune edition of the Midday newspaper between the years, 1997-99.

unni My mentor my friend

Abhay is my mentor. I reported to him in Mid-Day. I didn't have any journalism background but he hired me, taught me the basics and moulded me into a journalist. It was not easy to work under him as he was very demanding and never tolerated excuses. It was still fun to work with him as every assignment he gave was a learning experience. He would suggest ways to improve upon your approach to a story, on the copy with sharp and short intros. His network was wide and I have had the opportunity to accompany him during some of these meetings. Observing how he interacted with his sources/officials helped me tremendously in the learning process. He treated his sources with respect. He also taught us journalism ethics, a key factor in shaping your thoughts and approach to work. He is also a great friend. I can go on and on-….. Abhay, all the very best

Manasa S. Murthy A Perfectionist

While pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Xavier Institute of Communications, I had the pleasure of interacting with and being tutored by Abhay sir. He was so enthusiastic about teaching and every conversation with him leaves you having learnt something new. He has personally helped me hone my critical thinking skills. He strives for perfection in the work assigned and constantly encourages students to go the extra mile. Tutelage under him will make each student a better thinker, journalist and human.

Ravi Tiwari Abhay Sir is my Guru and my Role-model

I have been among the fortunate ones to start my academic and professional journey in journalism under the watchful eyes of Abhay Mokashi.

Geeta A Perfect mentor

Abhay Mokashi sir is a true perfect mentor. He had taught me Journalism during my BMM course. A meticulous professor who used to guide each and every student with journalistic principles, breaking news and the ethics that one needs to follow while covering a story. After a gap of more than a decade, I managed to get in touch with him, he is still the same. Not changed much and gives useful suggestions and guidance through his experience at every moment when you interact with him. Thank you sir so much for all your support and guidance.


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